Acrylic pouring art


Who am I?

Welcome to Art Dynasy. I am very pleased to share with you my passion for acrylic pouring. During a stay abroad, I discovered this method while we were locked for the second time at home, thanks COVID 😊. This method allows everyone to be creative. It's not about drawing anything; it's about having fun with colors.

How did I discover this method?

Wearing a mask outside didn't make sense to me back then, so I spent a lot of time at home and discovered this technique by surfing over the internet. Then, I decided to sign up for a private course. Despite the course was all in polish, I had a lot of fun and I started to draw by myself at home.

Why Dynasy?

Dynasy is the street where I lived in Warsaw during my stay in Poland.

And now?

My various paintings are displayed in the gallery tab.
I wish you a pleasant visit.
Philippe Ruffieux

Art Dynasy
Rue de la Grande-Fontaine 8
1700 Fribourg